Designing and creating landscapes and gardens has been my life's work. It is a passion that has driven me and shaped the course of my life. Studying in Japan opened a door on a way of looking at and understanding gardens, it taught me gardens can be an art form at the deepest level. Ever since that time I have sought to draw inspiration from both Western and Eastern traditions. Garden spaces are a vital healing force that help us to cope with the stresses and strains of the world we live in.



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cochiarella garden

Planting schemes
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aesthetic pruning

Aesthetic pruning
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In terms of pleasure, it would be hard to think of any improvement I have made to my property that would compare with the garden your company designed.

L. Clearkin, Lancs.

forster garden

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caxton house

Japanese style
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Many thanks for the work you recently completed. The new addition to the garden has such a wonderful sense of tranquility, we have now moved the seating to be able to enjoy it all the better.

R. Worthy, Surrey